Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Throwbacks

Title ~ The Throwbacks
Series ~ Scotland Yard Exchange Program, #1
Author ~ Stephanie Queen
Publisher ~ Stephanie Queen
Published ~ 13 November 2011
Genre ~ Romance/Suspense

*Books source ~ Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy. Please see disclaimer page.

My Rating ~ 3 bites out of 5

Grace Rogers is a 30-year-old decorator. Grace is an orphan who longs for a husband, home and children. Meeting nearly 50-year-old David Young currently exiled from Scotland Yard while he’s being investigated, Grace immediately falls for him even though he’s not what she had in mind to fulfill her dreams. When she gets involved in his current case and he hires her to decorate his townhouse the two are thrown together more often than not. Can these two make a relationship work? Or does age really make a difference.

This story won’t be for everyone. It’s quirky and fun with some silliness that makes it a light-hearted read. And it was quite an enjoyable read until near the end when Grace does something so incredibly stupid that I could only sit back and stare. No longer fun and quirky she morphed into Lucy Ricardo, too stupid to live. I loathe Lucy Ricardo. Not only does Grace do this thing that is so moronic as to blow the mind, but she isn’t even reprimanded. She’s patted on the head and told, yes it was dangerous, but since she was so darn cute doing it it’ll be overlooked. No, no it won’t. Not by me. Others may find what she did cute also, but for me it ruined a book that was, up until that point, amusing. I lost all respect for the characters after that and I’m disappointed. 

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