Thursday, May 16, 2013


Title ~ Muzzled
Series ~ Kat McKinley Greyhound Mystery, #2
Author ~ June Whyte
Publisher ~ Untreed Reads
Published ~ 7 August 2012
Genre ~ Mystery/Humor

My Rating ~ 4 bites out of 5

Kat McKinley is a greyhound trainer. After having her kennels burned to the ground and nearly being killed a few weeks ago, things are finally starting to fall back into place. That is, until some geriatric dude in purple pants tries to dognap her foster greyhound Stella. Then after he nabs her, he brings her back, tosses her over the fence and later tries to steal Stella’s brother Stanley. Why on earth would anyone try to steal a greyhound that can just be adopted? Furious at the treatment of Stella, the attempt on Stanley and the possibility her greyhounds are in danger from a dognapper, Kat once again puts on her sleuthing hat to get to the bottom of the mystery. And we know how well that went last time, right?

Well-written with a fast pace the dognapping plot is one that keeps the pages turning. I couldn’t figure out why anyone would steal a dog up for adoption or who was behind it all. I like the character of Kat and the fact her best friend works in a sex shop called The Luv Bug cracks me up. Fascinating facts about greyhound racing, interesting characters, lots of humor and a twisty mystery all combine together to make a great afternoon read.

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Untreed Reads for providing me with a review copy. Please see disclaimer page.

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