Friday, May 31, 2013

Fifty Shades of Brains

Title ~ Fifty Shades of Brains
Author ~ BF Dealeo
Publisher ~ Abauminable LLC
Published ~ 16 February 2013
Genre ~ Parody/Paranormal/Post-Apocalyptic

My Rating ~4 bites out of 5

Aurora Foyle and her friend Penelope Spunk are doing their best to survive the zombie apocalypse in Seattle. They attend the Survival School and Aurora works at a store that carries scavenged items. When it’s known that Master Zombie Hunter Caligula Green will be speaking at their graduation Penelope wrangles an interview with him for the school newsletter. However, before her appointment to meet him she gets food poisoning so she sends Aurora in her place. Caligula makes it known he lives to kill the undead, but now he’s interested in Aurora and wants her to work with him. Aurora would rather stay alive, but Caligula has all the good stuff, so she considers it while he works on wearing down her resistance. In the end, not even intelligence can keep people alive when they do stupid things.

I tried reading Fifty Shades of Grey, but had to stop before all my brains leaked out of my head from the sheer crappiness of the writing. Having read this book and the fun it pokes at FSoG with a malfunctioning cattle prod I have to say I’m very happy with my decision to cease and desist. Everything I need to know about it I learn in this book and it’s much funnier, too.

Aurora is an innocent with an inner slut and Penelope is just a slut. Caligula is weirder than weird. Everything else is just cake. And not post-apocalyptic cake either. This is Cake Boss cake. Fun to look at and even better to eat. I mean, read. The humor in this book isn’t for everyone. It’s not cute funny, it’s sick, twisted funny and I love it. There’s so much going on I just know I’m going to read it again just to see what I missed because you can bet I missed a lot with all my giggling. I swear I forgot how much I love parodies.

*Book source ~ Many thanks to LibraryThing and the author for providing me with a  review copy. Please see disclaimer page.


  1. Sound like a whole lot of fun. Will definitely have to read it. I added to my Goodreads shelf

    1. After you read it, let me know if you liked it. I certainly did. :)