Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm George, mwm, 52

Title ~ I'm George, mwm, 52
Author ~ George Everyman
Publisher ~ George Everyman
Published ~ 29 November 2010
Genre ~ Non-Fiction

My Rating ~ 2 bites out of 5

George is man who discovers his wife of 24 years had an affair.  He uses this event as the catalyst to making this book/journal.

What can I say about this book? It rambles on with really no pattern, jumping from one point to the next and back again. George is clearly unhappy in his marriage though he swears he’s not. He makes it seem as if his wife is a cold bitch, but then he says she’s not and swears he loves her. I don’t know how these two have stayed married. The constant rambling irritated me. I’m not the most linear creature, but this book has made me realize I need some sort of order in my reading. I found myself skipping large portions of it just to make progress. I was desperate to watch the percentage on my Fire go from painstakingly slow (at some points I actually thought it was going backward) to high speed. The subject of open marriage is interesting to me, so I thought this book would be interesting. However, I was wrong. Hey, it happens.

*Book source ~ I picked this up on Amazon for free.


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  2. George here. Abby (my wife) would definitely agree with you about my rambling.

  3. One more thing and then I'll go away. I promise.
    Well actually two things, sorry:

    1. I like chocolate too. Kit Kats are about the perfect candy bar. Chocolate covered wafers. MMMM

    2. You know the old saying/lyric, i.e. "I've been down so long it looks like up to me"?
    Well, getting a '2' rating for my book is a good thing. It could have been a '1'. I discovered the secret to happiness a while back. Lower your expectations.

    1. Hi George. Rambling doesn't bother some people judging by your reviews. It did bother me. Doesn't mean the book is bad, just not my style. I hate when I don't like a book. I always feel as if I let the author down.

      1. I love Kit Kats, but my favorite chocolate treats are chocolate-covered cherries. My favorite candy bar? Hmmm...Peppermint Patties.

      2. True. Though I only give a '1' if I don't finish and while I did skim quite a bit (I take in more than you think when I skim), I did finish. And I didn't throw my Fire against a wall or anything. :)

  4. VR, yeah Peppermint Patties are awesome too. The combination of the dark chocolate and the creamy mint filling must be about as good as a heroin high. They are right up there with Heath Bars. Of course, the good old Hershey Bar is a classic. I love the way you can break off the segments and just eat a few at a time. Sometimes I break off a few segments and add them to a bowl of mint chocolate ice cream (Breyers of course) and then add a little half and half.

    And it's good you didn't destroy your Fire after reading my diatribe. At least you didn't have to pay for the book.