Friday, March 22, 2013

Wedded Bliss

Title ~ Wedded Bliss
Author ~ Barbara Metzger
Publisher ~ Untreed Reads
Published ~ 19 June 2012
Genre ~ Historical/Romance/Humor

My Rating ~ 5 bites out of 5

Alissa Henning is a widow with very little means to support herself and her two young sons. Robert Rothmore, Earl of Rockford, is a widower twice over with a son from each of his wives. When his spinster sister runs off with the thieving bailiff of his Rock Hill estate he rides there to find out where his youngest son is. When he finds William ensconced with Alissa, Rockford mistakenly believes she is, at the most dastardly, holding William hostage for money or, at the least, extorting money from the estate to care for him, he proceeds to make a spectacular ass of himself much to the amusement of the reader. The relationship that follows is full of ups and downs and great entertainment. For us.

I have yet to read a Barbara Metzger story I didn’t enjoy very much and this one is no exception. Well-written with a fast-moving plot and well-developed characters it’s a humorous historical love story told from both POVs. Oh, how I love to see the flawed hero squirm and the strong heroine stand up for herself. The chase scene at the end was a wee bit over the top, but I’ll forgive it as it was still funny. I look forward to my next Metzger read.

*Many thanks to Untreed Reads for providing me with a review copy. Please see disclaimer page.

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