Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Darkest Seduction

Title ~ The Darkest Seduction
Series ~ Lords of the Underworld, #9
Author ~ Gena Showalter
Publisher ~ HQN Books
Published ~ 28 February 2012
Genre ~ Paranormal/Romance

My Rating ~ 4.5 bites  out of 5

Immortal warrior Paris is the keeper of the demon Promiscuity. Paris must have sex daily or he weakens. Not only sex daily, but never with the same person twice. A weak warrior is no good in the fight against evil and Paris has never had a problem staying strong. Until the day he met Sienna Blackstone.

Sienna Blackstone was a Hunter, seeking out the Lords of the Underworld in a quest to kill them and trap the demons they carried in attempt to cleanse the world of evil. Sienna was Bait, meant to lure Paris into a trap and it worked. However, while captive Paris discovered he could have sex with Sienna more than once. What did this mean? Before he could pursue this interesting development, Sienna was shot and killed by her own Hunter brethren in the crossfire that followed Paris’s escape.

After her death Sienna’s ghost was claimed by Chronos and when Aeron lost his demon Wrath upon his death, Chronos forced Sienna to be Wrath’s keeper. While this was happening Paris became an ambrosia addict in an attempt to forget Sienna’s death. When Paris discovers that Sienna, while not alive and not dead, is a pawn of Chronos he decides nothing will stop him from reaching her. So begins The Darkest Seduction.

I worried that Paris’s story would be hard to get into, but I shouldn’t have worried at all. Another excellent Lord of the Underworlds book! Multiple storylines have been slowly coming together in each book over the course of the series and this book is no exception. There is a lot going on in this book and I love multiple POVs! Well-written, excellent characters, steamy sex, humor, scheming, plotting, kicking ass and a tortured hero who is channeling the Dark Side. *satisfied sigh*

I can’t wait for Kane’s story as well as William’s and Cameo’s. Poor Cameo, keeper of Misery. Her mate should be interesting and special. Though I really think she needs a deaf person who can’t hear her misery-laden voice. *shudder*

I will be so sad when this series is over.


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