Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June ~ A Crazy Month

I will apologize in advance to all who follow my blog by email. This month has been crazy and I've had to fit in reading whenever I could, but really haven't had time to write reviews. I have eight reviews to write. Five for short stories and three for novels. Plus, I'm almost done with two more stories.

So, the apology is for when I start posting my reviews and your inbox explodes. lol I really try not to post more than once per day (ideally every few days) because I personally hate to receive multiple blog updates from a blog in a single day. With luck this will be one of those rare times I'll be posting multiples and I can go back to one every few days because if I'm busy writing and posting multiple posts then I'm not reading. *look of horror* And we can't have THAT!

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