Thursday, May 24, 2012

Touch of a Rogue

Touch of a Rogue
   (Touch of Seduction, #2)
   ~ Mia Marlowe
Publisher ~ Brava
Published ~ 28 February 2012

My Rating ~ 4 out of 5

Lady Julianne Tyndale, the Countess of Cambourne, needs to hire Jacob Preston for two things: to prove her husband didn’t kill himself and to find the mysterious sixth and final dagger in a matching set. Financial security is her goal because if she can find the sixth dagger she can sell the set to a buyer for a great sum of money and live comfortably in her widowhood. She has no intention of giving up her independence for a man.

Jacob Preston doesn’t bandy about that he has a special ability. He can hear metals. They call to him and tell him things which can be pretty handy, but it’s more of a curse. The ability to hear metals means he’s constantly bombarded by them and usually dealing with nasty headaches. Until he meets Julianne. When he uses his ability and comes away with a screaming headache, somehow her touch takes away the pain. Plus, she’s one hot lady and, surprising himself,  the rogue finds himself thinking of settling down. First he has to find the blasted dagger then he needs to convince Julianne that he’s worth giving up her widowhood. Let the hunt(s) begin.

This second book in the Touch of Seduction series does not disappoint. Smooth-flowing, interesting characters, great plot, excellent villain and smoking sex scenes, I enjoyed every minute of it. I look forward to Book 3 Touch of a Scoundrel. Book 1 was gems, book 2 metals…I wonder what it will be in book 3?

*The publisher provided a copy of this book to me for review. Please see disclaimer page.

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