Thursday, April 12, 2012

Warrior's Rise

Warrior's Rise (Warriors for Light, #1)
   ~ LJ DeLeon
Publisher ~ Dark Hallows Publishing
Published ~ 20 March 2011

My Rating ~ 4 out of 5

Deva Morgan is a Fae-human half-breed whose powers are growing by leaps and bounds as she approaches her thirtieth birthday. She’s surrounded by an eclectic team she calls family when Fae prince, Padraig O’Neill, walks into the bar where she’s bartending and declares himself her Protector because she is the Cáidh Arm, the Goddess’ Holy Weapon in the fight against the Dark Lord of the Abyss. He’s to protect, teach and guide her as well as help stabilize her growing powers in the coming War. Let the ass kicking begin.

A great story! I love epic battles and the fight of good over evil, light over dark and at the center is someone who never thought they would be the center of it all. Deva has been trained by weres and supernaturals since the death of her Fae dad who saw in a vision she would be the new Cáidh Arm for the Goddess. She knows how to fight, but actually going to war? That scares the crap out of her. She fears she won’t get a handle on her growing powers, that she’ll fail the Goddess, Otherworld and Earth by being defeated by the Dark Lord and, most of all, she fears losing the few people she loves most. Deva handles it all with some trepidation, but with everyone depending on her she pulls up her big girl panties and carries on.

The world building is great, the characters interesting, the plot fascinating. The War has only begun. I can’t wait to see what happens in Books 2 & 3!

*The author provided a copy of this book to me for review. Please see disclaimer page.


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  2. Thanks, Carole. I don't do crosswords all that often. I'm more of a Jumble and Boggle person.

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  5. I love your review - looks like something I'd like!

  6. Thank you, Lynn. I hope you like it.