Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Jacob (Nightwalkers, #1)
    ~ Jacquelyn Frank
Publisher ~ Zebra
Published ~ 1 January 2006

My Rating ~ 4 out of 5

Jacob is a Nightwalker, a Demon Nightwalker to be precise since there are Others who walk the night among the humans. Jacob is the Enforcer and has been for 400 of his almost 700 yrs. It’s his job to find and punish those bad little Demons who intend to interact in an, um, intimate way with humans. That type of interaction is forbidden because it doesn’t take much to harm a human, but Demons have a hard time resisting twice a year around Beltane in the spring and Samhain in the autumn when the full moon makes them crazy with lust and sexual desires. But never Jacob the Enforcer. Until the night he meets Isabella.

Isabella is a librarian, human, restless and intelligent with a hunger for knowledge. One night as she’s leaning out her fifth story window looking up into the night sky she falls out and is caught by Jacob who is out hunting a Summoned One. She senses what he cannot and leads him where he needs to go much quicker than he could’ve done on his own. Not only does she lead him to the Summoned One and the nasty necromancer who did the Summoning, but after Jacob gets his butt handed to him, she saves him and herself by killing the Summoned One (now the Transformed One) with a lucky move. How could a human do what she had done? Such a thing had not been heard of yet she did it. So many questions and the answers are forthcoming if you read the book.

I love this new (to me) series. The characters are real to me, the writing smooth, the world fascinating. Likeable characters, mystery, action and yummy hot sex along with humor and butt kicking. What’s not to love? I’m ready for Book 2, Gideon.

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