Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review for Blood of Eden

Blood of Eden (Sloan Skye, #1) ~ Tami Dane
Publisher ~ Kensington Books
Published ~ 6 December 2011

My Rating ~ 3 out of 5

Sloan Skye is super intelligent and has just started an internship at her dream job, the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) at the FBI when, before she can even get a cup of coffee for her boss, she’s told there’s been a mistake and her spot has been filled. Not just filled, but filled by a nemesis from her school days. Before she leaves though she is told she can intern for a brand-new unit, the PBAU. She doesn’t know what PBAU stands for, but she wants the job and agrees to take the spot. Then the weirdness begins.

After sitting through her first case briefing she discovers that PBAU stands for Paranormal Behavioral Analysis Unit. She also finds out that other FBI units think the PBAU is a joke, but Sloan is determined to do her best at her job, so she puts aside the fact her team thinks the killer is a vampire of some kind and tries to work up a profile on him/her before they strike again.

Women are dying with bite marks on their neck, but that’s not what’s killing them. They each have contracted a deadly disease that they shouldn’t have been able to get. It’s a race to find the killer before they kill again while Sloan deals with an annoying high school nemesis, her roommate acting weird (unusual), her mom acting weird (not unusual), perplexing DNA results, startling information about her dead dad, no leads to the killer, strange nightmares and her hormones going crazy over her new co-worker Special Agent Jordan Thomas, JT for short.

Well-written, smooth-flowing and well-fleshed characters. The middle of the book lagged a bit for me. I could’ve used some more action or some more clues, but it picked back up and raced to the end. I hope there are more cases for Sloan to solve. I want to know more about her, her background and see where her life is heading.

*The publisher provided a copy of this book to me for review. Please see disclaimer page.

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