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My name is Carol and I love to read. Obvious, right? Originally from Ohio I now live in North Carolina with my wonderful husband. When the youngest leaves the nest we dream of moving west to a sparsely populated area and living as green as possible. Winning the lottery would help. In the meantime, I read and write reviews to keep me sane.

I love to read. No, really. Love.To.Read. I devour books. I read any chance I get. If I go a day without reading I get antsy. Two days and I'll be a bit twitchy. Three days will have me climbing the walls. After I read a book, I'll post my thoughts here. Reviews are subjective though, so don't take my word as gospel. Pick up a book I've read, read it and decide for yourself whether it's a keeper or not.

Review Requests

**As of April, 2014 ~ I am closed to reviews until further notice. I have a review list a mile long and Real Life has been mucking about in my Reading Life and slowing me way down, so I am not reading as fast as I usually do. I'm a stay-at-home mom, wife and pet wrangler, so sometimes life, duty and household chores interfere with my reading, reviewing, playing on the internet and reading. I did mention the interference with reading, right? ;) I have no idea when I will be open to new requests.

I post reviews on my blog, Goodreads, Smashwords, Amazon, LibraryThing, BookBub, StoryGraph, Readerly, and anywhere else if you tell me where. My blog is also linked to Bloglovin'. In addition, I link on Twitter, my Facebook page, Tumblr, and Instagram. Note: I no longer post reviews on B&N due to their ongoing ridiculous website problems and non-existent customer service.

Thank you for your interest in my blog and to all of us, I will use a Klingon expression, 

Ka'Plah! (Success!)

My Rating System

**Note of Honesty**

I am NOT a deep thinker. I read to be entertained. I hate looking for the 'deeper meaning' in books. If I say a book is interesting, entertaining or a good read then I will pick up other books by that author because I search for books that are interesting, entertaining and/or a good read. My reviews are not usually long. I don't believe in flowery in-depth reviews because I hate to read flowery in-depth reviews.

I write my reviews the way I want to read reviews: is it a good story concept? is there a plot? well-written? well-rounded, step-off-the-page characters? good dialogue? humorous? hot? fast action? interesting? entertaining? a good read? if a mystery, does the author provide enough clues? too many clues? is there a surprise ending? These are most of the things I look for in a book. Basically, entertain me and I'll follow you anywhere. If you also have chocolate you'll never get rid of me. :)

Here are my ratings ~

5 - Loved It! = Couldn't put it down/resented anything interrupting my reading of it including eating, sleeping, showering, etc./people talk to me and I don't hear them/book has to be pried out of my hands

4 - Really Liked It! = Hard time putting it down/quick to return to it/ irritated at interruptions, but only slightly cranky about them instead of being postal/people talk to me and I hear blah, blah, blah

3 - It Was Ok = Enjoyable read/easily put down and picked back up/people talk to me and I actually hear them

2 - Didn't Like = Uh, didn't like it/would rather be doing anything else including housework rather than read it/forced myself to finish it/I look for people who need my attention

1 - Ugh = Couldn't get into it/didn't finish it (though I try very hard to finish every book I start)/I beg people to need something from me

**Please note! If I give a book a 1 or 2 it may only be because it just wasn't my type of book and may be a perfectly wonderful book for someone else. If I believe the writing, plot or both are bad then I will note that in my review.

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