Saturday, November 4, 2017

Soul Kissed

*Book source ~ NetGalley
3 September 2013
Paranormal | Romance
352 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Cari Dolan of Dolan House needs to use her House’s special type of magic to find the ones responsible for loosing a plague on magekind. In order to ensure her safety the Council pairs her with Mason Stray, an outsider with no House affiliation. Together they must solve the mystery before all of magekind is wiped out.

This is one interesting take on magic and what happens when it’s revealed to the rest of the world. So, while magekind is contracting and dying from a deliberate plague set upon them (with few survivors) and trying to find their killer(s) they now have to deal with non-magical people getting hysterical over the fact that magic is real. There is a lot of action, some serious sexy nomminess, a mystery to solve, and some cool magic to learn about. All-in-all an excellent way to spend some time immersed in an alternate reality.

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