Thursday, March 16, 2017


*Book source ~ NetGalley
Paranormal | Romance
3 October 2013
274 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Jase Karys is a much different man after being tortured by demons for five years. People tiptoe around him and that only makes him madder. Alive when by rights he should be dead, he’s a broken man inside bent on revenge even if it kills him. Until he mates with a powerful dying witch. He’s hoping he’ll get his powers back and she’s hoping he’ll cure her of the poison that’s slowly killing her thus restoring her own powers. They’ll use each other then go their separate ways. Or will they?

I’m not crazy about all the fast-forwarding this series does, but I do enjoy the characters and the trials Rebecca Zanetti puts them through. This is another great, but not awesome, read and while I did enjoy it there are certain aspects that I found lacking. The whole section between Willa and Brenna was amateurish compared to other scenes and I was disappointed. It was like it wasn’t even written by the same person. Janie’s actions continue to piss me off. In my opinion she makes really horrible decisions and that makes me not like her. Jase is the tortured hero, literally and Brenna is physically weak (at the moment), but mentally strong. I like her. I like her a whole bunch. I have a feeling this series is coming to its climatic ending very soon and I look forward to the closure.

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