Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Walking Dead Book 13

*Book source ~ Library
11 October 2016
Graphic Novel | Post-Apocalyptic
296 Pages
My Rating ~ 4 bites

From Goodreads:
After a devastating encounter with the Whisperers, Rick must rally the communities to take action. But have they already reached their breaking point?
Collects issues 145 through 156.

After the ending of book 12 I was like, Holy Shit! Oh, no, you didn’t! I thought for sure book 13 would see the communities going to war. But Rick is mostly right in his actions in this book. And the people who lost family, while justified in their feelings, are not justified in their actions. Wtf?! There is tension aplenty in this book, but not a lot of action and no worries about losing anyone of importance this time out. And, omg, Negan. Negan, Negan, Negan…what are you up to now?


  1. I loved the movie walking dead and used to watched religiously. Is it the movie version of this series?
    Thanks for sharing. :-D

    1. Do you mean the tv show? The comics (and graphic novels) came first then they made a tv show out of it, but the show is very different from the comics. I started reading the graphic novels awhile ago, but I did start the show a few months ago though I think I'm only in season 3. The differences are interesting.