Sunday, February 26, 2017

AVR Weekly News ~ 183rd Edition

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--- AVR News Update ---
Hello and Happy Sunday!

On the Home Front: The weather's been nice and I've been stuck inside doing, well, inside work. Bleck. Only 1 app't to run a kid to this week, so maybe I'll get some shit done around here. I have a very long list of things to do and very little desire to do any of it. And I'm beyond irritated at several things that I won't bother listing here.

Touching Nature: Been fairly warm here. As in, windows open, fresh air everywhere warm. Then last night it dropped to the low 30s. *shivers* After today we should start heading back into the 70s again. A bit warm for this time of year, but I'll take it. We could use some rain though.

Book News: Yeah, not much going on here. I hope to fix that soon.

Don't Touch That Dial!: Finally enough NCIS to make it into season 7. Woot!

At the Flicks: Nope. Maybe The LEGO Batman Movie this coming weekend. We'll see.

Cyberspace Playground: I've been playing around with Canva. And not getting very far.

Randomness: Spike being helpful, offers his flask. lol

Carol's Nuggets of Wisdom: Life's short. Be sure to do something you enjoy every single day. It doesn't have to be complicated, time consuming or cost anything. Just do it. *pause* Damn you, Nike. You've ruined that phrase for me.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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I loved this one ^^


  1. It was gorgeous on Friday and Saturday in the high 60s and even 70 today is 37. Next week Wednesday is going rouge with it being 70 while the other days are in the 50's The weather is weirding me out.

    I saw this on your goodreads Adventures of a Vegan Vamp and now I want to read it. lol

    Have a great week, Carol! Happy Reading!

  2. Vegan Vamp and Murder's a Witch sound like fun. I have a huge list of to do around the house. I am at the moment successfully ignoring it. Love your words of wisdom Nike be damned!

  3. I grabbed Murder's A Witch. Looks fun. The weather has been warm and sunny here and plan to enjoy it while it lasts. Hope to get outside shortly and do some reading. Have a lovely day.

    My Sunday Post

  4. I need to watch more of NCIS! Love that Willow pic!

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog and join in this week’s Book Photo Sundays!

  5. Yay, season 7 so that makes you what about half way through all the seasons. :) Love me some Gibbs! You got some interesting looking books too so I hope you enjoy them and have some book time this week! :)

    Have a great week!

  6. Carol, we are living the same life. A very long list of things to do and not enough time to get a damn thing done. I definitely need a major life change, I think. I hope you are able to accomplish some of your tasks and knock them off your list.