Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kindle Review ~ Darkness Brutal

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Author ~ Rachel A. Marks
Publisher ~ Skyscape
Published ~ 1 July 2015
Genre ~ YA | Paranormal
Pages ~ 425

My Rating ~ 2 bites

Aidan O’Linn has had a shitty childhood. He watched his mother swing back and forth between loving caregiver to crazy witch summoning demons until one night a demon ripped her heart out. He’s been hiding himself and his younger sister from them ever since. But as Ava’s 12th birthday approaches, the darkness is closing in once again and Aidan has no idea how to keep it from taking his sister. Until he meets Sid, the head honcho and adult in charge of several kids with strange powers, like himself. They run LA Paranormal, an internet-based show helping people with their paranormal problems. But are Sid and his motley crew enough to keep Ava safe from a fate their mother thrust upon her?

This book started out so well and I was enthralled to read page after page.  An intriguing story with an unusual paranormal aspect, something that’s hard to come by these days. And then…it all went to shit. The antics and actions of the characters became so damn stupid that I wanted to strangle them all. Every.Single.One. Several of the characters swung wildly about in their emotions until I thought half the dialogue and descriptions were missing. Sloppy writing. Extremely sloppy. In addition, the wheels fell off the plot and, at the end,  I was left scratching my head wondering wtf I had missed. So, ¼ of the book is awesome and then the rest is total shit. The End.


  1. Damn! It has a gorgeous cover and sounded really good to start with! I hate it when the book gets worse as it goes along after a decent start.

  2. Oh that is a bummer, it sounds good and has a pretty

  3. So sorry the goodness of the beginning didn't last all through the book! That really sucks! I wonder how it could start out so good and then kind of go to hell in a handbasket like that?
    Hopefully your next read was awesome :)
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  4. It's bad enough when one of them is TSTL but all of them?! Poor you :)