Friday, November 13, 2015

How to Discipline Your Vampire

*Book source ~ NetGalley
Series ~ DommeNation, #1
Author ~ Mina Vaughn
Publisher ~ Pocket Star
Published ~ 19 August 2013
Genre ~ Paranormal | Romance | Erotica
Pages ~ 252

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Substitute teacher Cerise Norrell’s life would be perfect if she could just find the right sub to obey her very specific Domme demands. About ready to give up her search, she goes to a BDSM-type Speed Dating event and meets William Gentry. William is known in the community as Chilly Willy because his skin is always cool to the touch. She agrees to give him a chance and William is ecstatic. He believes he’s finally found the Domme he’s been searching for throughout his very long life, the one who will put an end to his loneliness and satisfy his every need. But he’s got a huge secret and his Mistress Cherry has a crap-load of baggage. Will they be able to work through their issues or are they doomed to be alone forever?

The description of this story is what hooked me. A Domme looking for a specific type of submissive and when she finds him it turns out he’s a vampire. Come on! That’s intriguing! I love Femdom especially when the sub is a big strong guy or in this case, supernaturally strong and one you would think would be the one in charge. I love the juxtaposition. If you’re expecting a lot of kinkiness then this really isn’t the BDSM book for you. However, if you like role play then this is it. Cerise’s fetish is role playing and she never likes to do the same scene twice. The variety is wonderful and the sex is pretty good. Not overly graphic, but more hot, steamy and even sweet. I wouldn’t call this erotica, per se, but it’s definitely paranormal romance with a lot of steam. And I mentioned sweet, right? Because it is. Cerise and William have issues that they need to work out and there were plenty of times I wanted to smack Cerise, but overall I enjoyed their story.


  1. BDSM speed dating, that made me giggle but I can also see it; it kinda makes sense. I'm happy to hear that there's not a lot of kink but it's more on the sweet and steamy side,

    1. Well, they gota meet somehow, right? lol It's like Kink-Lite. :) Definitely sweet and steamy. Nom!

  2. BDSM speed dating ? Chilly Willy ?! LMAO !!!

  3. a sub vampire? XD okay that is totally different.

  4. This sounds like a fun one with how they both been searching for someone who meets their needs and the BDSM speed dating. And I like the twist how he turns out to be a vampire. I don't think I've read a book about someoen with a roleplay fetish so far and am curious how the sex scenes are with how you describe them as sweet and steamy.

    1. It was definitely a fun read and the role play scenes were diverse. Good thing Will is rich and can afford all the awesome props! :D