Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kindle Review ~ Full Moon Lover

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Candace Ayers
19 April 2017
Paranormal | Short
Approx 50 pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites

Mary is enthralled by the hot guy who frequents the local Baltimore coffee shop. But he’s also a bit of a mess with his constant whacky clothing and severe bedhead that the old Polish lady at the coffee shop fixes for him. Mary’s too shy to approach such a hot mess, but as it turns out, one night he bumps into her. And that’s when things get…interesting.

I know this is advertised as having 2 bonus stories, but I didn’t really think this particular paranormal story would end at 27%. Yeesh. I did not read the bonus stories because I didn’t care. This story is so-so in the writing department, slacking in the plot and hot, hot in the steaminess. Bonus points for having Polish people and conversation because I’m part Polish. Plus, I have a thing for guys who are a hot mess and yet capable in their job and Dorek fits the bill. Overall, it’s a light bit of marshmallow fluff.

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