Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ghost Gifts

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Ghost Gifts, #1
1 March 2016
Paranormal | Mystery
386 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble

Aubrey Ellis has never been normal. She sees dead people. Ok, technically she sees their ghosts. Mostly she helps them communicate final words to their loved ones, but sometimes the ghost is evil. Truly evil and considering the fact they can hurt her, well, she’s learned to be very careful in her dealings with restless spirits. Working as a real estate writer for a local newspaper is a perfect job for helping spirits and keeping her safe. She’s learned over the years how to cope. But when a body falls out of a basement wall and it belongs to a 20-yr-old case of a missing person where someone was tried and convicted without the body, now Aubrey is worried the girl’s spirit will find her. When her editor puts her on the story with hotshot investigative reporter Levi St. John, she really just wants to run the other way. But the further they investigate Missy’s disappearance and subsequent death the more questions they uncover.

Not really a fan of Levi, but overall this is a pretty good paranormal mystery. I had no idea who the true murderer was. I suspected that Frank wasn’t the one. Probably. But I was never positive and the end came as a surprise. I didn’t like all the coincidences tying Aubrey and Levi together and the sudden romance between Levi and Aubrey seemed forced, so I took off for that, but overall I love the ghosts, how Aubrey deals with them, the mystery, Missy’s flashbacks, and Charley, Aubrey’s grandmother. It’s a read that had me staying up after my bedtime so I could keep turning the pages.


  1. What a great Idea for review kindle freebies/unlimited/first ebooks! I don't read much paranormal mystery but I like the sound of this. Reminds me a bit of the Charley Davidson series :) Great review!

    Sarah @ A Weebish Book Blog

    1. I wanted to separate out the Kindle books I get from others, so this meme was born. :)

      It is a little bit similiar to Charley Davidson, but not as funny. lol

  2. How exciting, I have this book. I'm glad to hear it is a decent story. But what is with the name Levi St. John? That just doesn't make any sense to me. LOL! Thanks for the great review.

    1. I know. Never been a fan of Levi let alone the St. John. Ah, well.