Saturday, October 13, 2012

Captive Lover

Title ~ Captive Lover
Author ~ Patricia Logan
Publisher ~ Rebel Ink Press
Published ~ 15 August 2011
Genres ~ Suspense/Erotica/Gay

My Rating ~ 3 out of 5

After running his own construction company and raising his much younger brother, Dylan Yates just wanted to go out for a drink and maybe hook up with a guy for some steamy lovin’. Unfortunately, he picked the wrong guy to pick up and his life spiraled out of control.

Marcus Tucker has secrets to keep hidden and he’s worried Dylan will spill the beans to authorities with what he’s seen at Marcus’s house. He decides if he makes Dylan fall into line by kidnapping a local guy, Connor Black, for ransom then Dylan won’t be able to tattle on Marcus. For insurance, Marcus kidnaps Dylan’s little brother, Jared. However, Marcus isn’t just a criminal with his fingers in many pies. He’s a pedophile and Jared is in more danger than Dylan can imagine. How will he get out of this nightmare situation?

This story flowed smoothly, was a compelling read and the sex was steamy. A solid read. I kept wondering how Dylan, Connor and Jared were going to make it out of this terrible situation and I hoped someone would put a bullet in Marcus, preferably in the groin first, then between the eyes. Ugh! What a slimy scumbag! *shudder* I felt Marcus was a bit of an idiot though and the story dragged on just a little bit, but if you like suspense and M/M romance then I recommend this book to you.

*Naughty Reader’s Boudoir and the author provided a copy of this story to me for review. Please see disclaimer page.

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